Going on Vacation? Fridge Clean-out Strategies before Your Trip

July 18, 2022

Summer is at full swing, practically every part of Northern Hemisphere.  Time for summer vacation! 

Are you going anywhere this summer? 

Every time we go off to a vacation or a trip longer than a weekend, I do a fridge clean-out.  The longer the vacation, the more important we do this, because no one likes to come home, and greeted by moldy produce in the fridge!

  1. Starting about a week or so before, stop going to major grocery shopping.  You would still like to buy things you cannot live without, such as milk, cereal and bread., but probably not something “nice to have”.
  2. Ask yourself these 2 questions: “Will I really cook/finish this before the trip?” and “Will this be good after we come back for a while?”  If the answer is Yes, buy it. If No, don’t.
  3. Eat what’s in fridge, supplemented by staples – things in the pantry and freezer, and long-lasting vegetables. For list of pantry items, click here.
  4. Do “Chef’s Mercy” recipes, meaning cook something without a recipe, or improvise quite a bit. 

This practice is not just for vacations.  It’s a great idea to clean-out what we have once in a while, by (ideally) cooking with them, not by throwing away. It helps you become better, more resourceful, ecological cook.  A great skill to have in any economy, easier to develop in an economy like this.

Plus when you clean out your fridge, and especially if you clean the inside as well, you’ll feel so much better. I promise!

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1 Oscar Cajuelan January 23, 2023 at 8:04 pm

Is it okay to switch OFF my fridge after clean up before going on a 2 month vacation?
Is there any damage done on the fridge if it is switch OFF for a long time?

2 mari January 23, 2023 at 10:56 pm

Thank you for your question, Oscar. It really depending on the model amd type of your fridge. The best is to check the manual or call the manuifacturer. Have a good vacation! Where are you going?

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