Do You Know What This Is For? Special Gift Awaiting…

January 28, 2023

Do you know what this is for?

Please leave your answer in the comment box.

I’m planning a special give away around Valentine’s Day!

Those who participate have a chance to win a special gift!

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1 Marshall Berzon January 28, 2023 at 10:45 am

making hushpuppies?

2 Striving Bean January 28, 2023 at 10:55 am

Is it a mini-ball cake pan? Or a pan to help form onigiri (rice balls)? Not sure - interesting…

3 Jan January 28, 2023 at 11:06 am

a pan to bake rather fry doughnut balls for the health conscious among us.

4 Jan January 28, 2023 at 11:09 am

my other guess would be a pan for apple fritters

5 Chad January 28, 2023 at 11:18 am

I bet you can make popovers in there!

6 Michael January 28, 2023 at 11:49 am

An Ebelskiver pan.

7 myrkth January 28, 2023 at 11:58 am

You can make donuts in there - add fruit to make somewhat healthy!

8 Jean Layton January 28, 2023 at 12:15 pm

Its and ableskiver pan.
Used to make the most amazing puffy pancake/creampuff like pastries.
Typically served with a buttercream and cream cheese dip.
YUMMY! But I haven’t yet developed a gluten free version, I do however have the pan

9 Eryk yukio January 28, 2023 at 1:11 pm

It a takoyaki maker. One of my favorites. Yummie

10 Amanda Clark January 28, 2023 at 5:07 pm

It’s for corn bread or popovers?

11 Sam January 29, 2023 at 12:45 pm

It is an aebleskiver pan
If anyone DOES come up with a wheat free/sugar free (tho agave is ok) recipe, I would LOVE to have it.
My son is a diabetic and wheat free.

12 Kimchi January 29, 2023 at 1:47 pm

It’s whatever you want to call it, and the use of it varies based on your ethnicity and your creativity. In US, I can think it will be used to make fried egg, the one that is selling in McDonald, i.e. egg mac muffin.

13 mari January 29, 2023 at 2:16 pm

Thank you everyone for your answers! I’m so amazed by everyone’s imagination, and all the possibilities!
What do you think? Do you agree with someone else, or how would you use it?

(Jean said it makes “pancake/creampuff like pastry”. Making creampuffs in it may be nice too… :)

14 Chad January 30, 2023 at 11:52 pm

I’m so glad to see a couple people interested in a gluten-free version of aebleskiver. We have been working on packaging one, and it will be available soon! Just finishing up the packaging, etc.

15 Gonnie January 31, 2023 at 4:40 pm

My grandson Eryk is a foodie an I like him!

16 mari February 1, 2023 at 4:33 pm

Hey, hey, hey, Chad,
Don’t give away too much yet! I haven’t revealed what it is… and many people have giving us many creative ideas to use the pan!

I will definitely try yaki-onigiri, and maybe even meatballs???
some potato gratin would be nice to make in it too…

17 michelle February 2, 2023 at 6:31 pm

I think I would like to make individual servings of macaroni and cheese, like mac meatballs as well as mini dutch babies!

18 mari February 2, 2023 at 7:34 pm

Individual Mac & cheese… Mac Meatballs… mmm… BTW, what’s Dutch Babies?

19 KCatGU February 11, 2023 at 7:52 am

Dear Skiver Santa,
It is an Æbleskiver Pan, for making round Danish Pancakes…

I think it would be great to have this specialty pan because because our group of friends is getting back to basics and doing more at home themed dinners then heading out to more expensive establishments. We have had a fondue night, chili bar, make your own pizza, and it would be just as fun to have an Æbleskiver night.

Thanks Mari for the review and contest.

20 JG February 12, 2023 at 12:42 pm

It’s an Ableskiver pan. Ableskiver is a special Danish dessert served during Advent, Christmas or New Year.

21 Sharon Hutchinson January 11, 2023 at 6:55 am

ableskiver pan

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