How to Diversify Your Dinner Options — When Cooking for One or Two People

September 10, 2022


Back to school, back to work.  September is often when new things start — and things get busy.

It’s a great time to learn new cooking tricks to put real meals on the table fast, so that you have more time to enjoy the food, and other things you love.

Especially if you have one or  two (or with little ones) people household and want to learn how diversify your dinner options easily and quickly.

Join me for:
“Real Meals on the Table Fast for One or Two People”
When:  Saturday,  September 18th, 2010  11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Where:  Oakland Public Library Lakeview Branch Event Room
550 El Embarcadero, Oakland, CA 94610   tel: 510-238-7344

Cost:      Complimentary to my subscribers
Pre-registration required:

Stop dinner boredom — even if you are cooking for just one or two.

Many single people and small families face the dilemma of how to cook at home regularly, especially balancing time & effort with cost & health benefits. They don’t know how to diversify their dinner options without relying on prepared meals and restaurants.

Can you relate?

I’m so excited to share my secrets with you - how to put a variety of real meals on the table fast for one or two people — without repetition.

These simple and unique cooking secrets are usually kept only between great Japanese home-cooks. I know from my own experience how frustrating it could be to eat the same thing over and over, yet not knowing how to pull off many variations without a lot of time and effort — so I adapted them for the American kitchen and lifestyle so people like you can benefit. After this class, you will change the way you think about food and cooking — it’ll be much more fun and easy! By implementing just a few of my unique yet practical tips, you too can enjoy lots more variety AND save time, money (this is how we saved over $10,000 per year just from cooking more at home) and reduce waste.

This is about how to cook more efficiently while creating more variety, the Japanese way. Appropriate for all cuisines and dietary restrictions.

If there are requests, I’ll be happy to take you to Trader Joe’s or the Grand Lake Farmers’ Market after the class to help you shop more efficiently as well.
The space is limited, and i’ts already filling up fast — so please sign up now before it becomes full.
Sign up from here.

Once you are registered, you will receive confirmations and reminders with details (map, parking info etc) automatically.
Feel free to invite your friends and family who would love to learn the secrets to put real meals on the table fast for one or two people.  Simply forward this newsletter from the link in the footer.

Hope you can join me.  It’s free & fun!


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