Praise for “Kitchen Wizard Flexipes” Cookbook

My new cookbook, Kitchen Wizard Flexipes: Simple Time-Saving Secrets for Tasty Global Cuisine will be out in a month, just in time for the holidays!

I’ve been asking the food industry experts for the comments, and getting many extremely enthusiastic and positive responses.  The founding Executive Chef of Bridges Restaurant (famous with the scene from the movie, Mrs. Doubtfire) even said “Flexipes may become a common culinary term as well as the hottest new cookbook to hit the shelves.”

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See what the food industry experts are saying…

Flexipes may become a common culinary term as well as the hottest new cookbook to hit the shelves. Mari Suzuki’s beautiful book demystifies meal planning, as you learn to fill your freezer with building blocks of healthy international flavors. This book will be a great resource for both the culinary expert or educator and the interested novice.”
— Alison Negrin
Executive Chef, John Muir Health System
Former Chef, Chez Panisse
Founding Executive Chef, Bridges Restaurant

“ As an athlete, eating right is a must, but finding time to cook is always a challenge. Mari’s beautiful new cookbook not only delivers easy, healthy, and delicious recipes with a Japanese twist, but walks you through the entire process of mealplanning, shopping and preparation.  Her simple “Flexipes” technique will be indispensable building blocks to a healthier lifestyle for years to come.”
— Natalie Coughlin Hall
Three time Olympic gold medalist

“ Mari’s beauiful and thoughtful cookbook simplifies meal planning and kitchen efficiency, making it a must-have tool for every home cook.”
– Marina Kercher
Culinary Center Director,
Whole Foods Market, Napa

“A must have cookbook in the American kitchen! Mari has successfully cracked the code for those, especially working moms, who want to get back to real food but are challenged with time. Kitchen Wizard Flexipes, with its stunning photography and user-friendly layout, empowers its users to prepare
meals that are real, fresh, home-cooked and only minutes away!”
— Shane Valentine
Author, The Baby Cuisine Cookbook

“This cookbook makes your mouth water and your imagination soar with fresh, easy ideas. Somebody finally gets how to make home cooking simple and healthy! Thank you, Mari—I will definitely use these simple techniques to help my students.”
— Cindy Gershen
Chef/Owner, Sunrise Bistro
Founder, Wellness City Challenge
Contra Costa County Regional Occupational Program Teacher for Healthy Eating in Schools

“A simple and well thought-out method to cooking in a busy world.”
— Glen Bolosan
Owner/General Manager
—Gabriel Amaya
Owner/Executive Chef
Olea Restaurant

“Mari has done it! She has broken down cooking into approachable, easy steps with healthy, delicious recipes. This book can help you make the leap from a diet of fast food to eating healthy food that can be prepared fast. Never be intimidated by your kitchen again!”
— Jen Matthews, MD
Pediatrician and healthy food advocate

“In this ingenious cookbook, Mari imparts the wisdom of a true master of efficiency. If you’ve ever felt like you’re spending too much time in the kitchen, or wondered how some people seem to create delicious dishes with almost no effort, this book is for you. A delightful read, sprinkled with beautiful photos and a lifetime of sage cooking advice.”
— Wona Miniati
Author, Cooking With Trader Joe’s Cookbook series

“Mari has created a book that is as beautiful as it is practical, reflecting her artist’s soul and her systems engineer’s mind. Her plan-ahead method will help you get a homemade meal on the table in record time — night after night.”
— Julie Kaufmann
Co-author of the bestselling Not Your Mother’s Slow-Cooker Cookbook and The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook

“Based on simple techniques from traditional Japanese kitchens, Mari has devised an efficient system for busy people who want fresh, flavorful meals but don’t have much time for daily cooking. Using seven foundation recipes that you make ahead, she guides you through 23 delicious dishes from various culinary cultures that are versatile, healthful, and quick to prepare. Along with the dishes, Mari’s tips on seasoning, stocking ingredients, and planning meals contribute to stress-free and satisfying home cooking.”
— MM Pack
Food writer and private chef
Austin Chronicle, Edible Austin

If you haven’t checked it out, here’s the preview of the book!

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